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1. Fall-Proof Wheelchair, WHEELLOCK

This unique design wheelchair with two square pillar levers type bars gives new experience and safety to the users. The excellent functionality to prevent falls fixes the wheels and brings assurance in wheelchair-seating and leaving process. When stretched, bars linked to the brake will make the wheel fixed and wheels only move when the bars are bent inward. The brand new model of YBSOFT is off to a new start.


2. Product features
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  • Features
  • When stretched, the bars engages the brakes and the wheels are fixed.
  • This safety bar enables users to easily engage and release the brake.
  • The safety bar performs not only as brake controller, but also helps fastening the upper body.
  • This robust aluminum fast makes bar connection easy.
  • When engaging the Hand brake, the care giver can instantly stops the wheelchair at the back.