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About Us

YBSOFT Co., Ltd. has developed brake system for wheels, especially with professional functions to prevent falls in case of wheels unfixed.
The first product we adapted this brake is wheelchair, of which problems related to falls are common, has great function to prevent falls.
As statistics show that 58 percent of the whole wheelchair related accident is falls, we have solved the major problems of danger caused in wheelchair using settings.

Our product was approved of sales possibility and won a lot of disrupt idea goods awards, and raised Crowd funding with the 1st prize. As the world changed to be aged society, more customers want mobility with safety, that our technology is more supported overseas.
We are building global network in order to meet more customers abroad.

We possess domestic and international patents in the field we are developing, that we set our countermeasures for technology leakage problems.
We came to put our technology to strollers and rolling beds that we made products to prevent accidents concerning wheels fixing.
Also we are on our way to manufacture our development into more stabilized goods.

For your best, YBSOFT Co., Ltd. would do our best effort on providing safe moving environment.


CEO  Young-bae You